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6-month check-up

Okay, so he's really 6 months and 10 days. But today was our doctor visit, so this is when you get the 6-month update.

Ryan is weighing in at a whopping 17 pounds 6 ounces. I truly thought he would be over 18, but not yet. And he's 25.5 inches long. Proud to say height has moved up from the 5th percentile to the 25th, and weight is still at 50th. Not to shabby for being compared to those who are, technically, 6 weeks older than you!

Everything else looks great. Dr. Walters said we should be feeding him more solids than we are (we were doing mostly bottles with some solids thrown in for good measure), so we'll be upping his menu this coming week. We still have 3 foods left to try (pears, squash, and prunes) before we can say we've tried all of the 1st step flavors. And then the fun will really begin! All kinds of food combinations to try! :-)

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I don't think I shared our State Fair adventure here. Let's just say that Ryan and I are BOTH glad that the fair is only once a year. :-(

ryan is a parseltongue

Okay, unless you are a Harry Potter fan, this post will make no sense to you at all.

Ryan and I often chat while he's on the changing table for a diaper change or to get dressed. Yesterday morning we were chatting and he was talking in his little whisper voice. S's are an easy sound and he was doing lots of s's, plus blowing bubbles and raspberries of course. But it dawned on me that the sounds he was making are just like the sounds Harry made when he discovered he could speak parseltongue! My little wizard. :-)



so, we were going to do a baby yoda costume for ryan this year...until i saw this.

oh my goodness, is that the cutest thing ever? i know i'm going to hate myself for it when i start sewing on all of that ribbon for the mane, but you only have your 1st halloween once, right?? luckily ryan has a nana who is a whiz on the sewing machine...otherwise, who knows what this would end up looking like! :-)

jabber jaws

ryan loves chit-chatting with us and telling us all about his day. his conversations usually involve a few excited screams, some humming, and some raspberry-blowing. well, last night i had put him down into his pack & play bassinet so i could use the bathroom, and when i came back in he was on his belly with his head up looking at the door. i said, "hey baby!" in my best joey-impersonation, and ryan said, "mama!" in his cute little whisper voice.

good boy! :-)


i'm so exited! i finally ordered my babyhawk yesterday! i went with a reversible one, and these are the patterns i chose.

i hope it's pretty in real life! i should have it in time for our trip to florida, which is what i was hoping for so i can carry ryan in it at the airport and on the plane. our hotsling just isn't working for us anymore because it's not adjustable...he's getting bigger, and i'm still getting smaller. i also got invited to join an indy babywearing group on yahoo! who knew!? jess from the BH customer service happens to live in indy and noticed my location on my order form.

off to get ready for work. it's been one of those weeks! can't wait for the weekend, although i may end up working. ick.

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