happy halloween

How did I start out this fun day? With a $150 speeding ticket. Just what we need right now! Sigh. Anyway, Happy Halloween from my little pirate. These are the little stickers I made to seal up his goody bags at daycare.

I'll try to post some more pictures from the Halloween party later today - just got a bunch from my mom that I need to check out. And we're having an official photoshoot on Sunday with the fabulous Miss Lindsay, so hopefully next week I'll have more shares!

Do you love quilts? You've got to check out this post at JC handmade. I wish I had the patience and skill for quilting - I had great plans to make a quilt for Ryan's bed last year at Christmas time, and have since cut up all of the fabric I purchased to make camera straps instead. :-) But if I win the contest, I would love to have a fun quilt in orange, blue, and green. Ah. So go enter, and maybe if you win you will give the quilt to me to cheer me up about my speeding ticket?? :-)


just for rhonda

Okay, not JUST for Rhonda, but she is the most recent person to complain about the lack of photos on the blog. :-) And it IS her birthday after all, so who am I to deny a request like that?

Ryan's Halloween party yesterday seems to have been a success! I hope everyone had a great time. I haven't actually downloaded my own photos yet, but here are some I snagged from Erika this morning. :-)

Ryan is dressing up as a pirate this year. The hat didn't stay on long, but he is really digging the eye patch, which I was sure he would hate. Here he is playing with one of his girlfriends (all three were at his party, can you believe it?). :-)

Pin the nose on the pumpkin. Yea to Isaac for winning (and actually agreeing to be blind-folded and play correctly!). ;-)

A group shot - not sure what everyone was looking at!

The standard open-mouthed-why-are-you-taking-my-picture look.

Decorating felt jack-o-lantern magnets.

We ended up with some wonderful weather, so the kids were able to burn off some of the sugar out in the back yard. Ryan skipped his nap that day and I'm not sure about all of the other kiddos, but he was crashed hard by 8pm. :-) Looking forward to trick-or-treating on Friday!



So, last Saturday after meeting Jenni and the youngest kiddos at Big Apple Bagels for some breakfast goodness, Ryan and I headed to Target to try to find him some new shoes. (We ended up with these, after Ryan declared them "cool.")

I also decided we may as well get him a new outfit since he's supposed to get his pictures taken by Lindsay tomorrow (although now it looks like it's going to rain...), and we ended up with this shirt and some new dark jeans:
We picked up a few goodies for his Halloween party this Sunday, and then I decided maybe I needed some new duds of my own. I found this sweater and paired it with a long-sleeve brown t:
The next morning Ryan came into the kitchen, saw me wearing my new tops, and said, "Mama, you're CUTE!"
Love that kid.


damn "bee movie"

for making my kiddo think bees are friendly and fun!

Ryan and I were over at one of the local elementary schools playing on the playground, when we noticed a baseball game going on at the diamonds next door. We walked over to watch a few innings, and Ryan got stung by a bee - inside his ear! Ouch! Never seen my boy quite so freaked out as he was then. He cried for most of the rest of the afternoon, took a brief nap on Dada's lap, and was whiny for the rest of the night. I did get him to eat an apple and a banana, and he went to the grocery store with Tony to get dog food. We played blocks, and that kept his mind of the pain. He woke up several times last night scratching at his ear, but some Motrin and more calamine helped. This morning he woke up and said, "Mama, my ear no hurt anymore." Thank goodness! We took some supplies to Mary's house just in case....


i'm a genius

No, I'm not so conceited as to think that (oh, who am I kidding?). That was Ryan's response to Tony the other day. Ryan is in his, "Why? Why? Why?" stage, and Tony answered one of his questions by stating, "Because I'm a genius." Ryan retorted, "No Dada not genius. MAMA IS!"

Such a smart kid I'm raising.


last night it was alligators

But they were good alligators sleeping in the water, of course.


ryan knows karate - and there are pirates and dinosaurs in our house?!?

Ryan knows karate!
Well, according to the other kids at his baby-sitter's he does. If you've ever seen Ry kick a ball, you know he has a very tight, fast, stiff kick. I guess he was doing that in Mary's back yard the other day, and all of the kids started yelling, "Look! Ryan knows karate!" They were so impressed. ;-)

There's a pirate knocking on the door.
Last Friday I was trying to get Ryan to go to sleep and we had about a 30-minute conversation about whether or not there was a pirate knocking on the door, if he was a good pirate, or if he was a bad pirate who was there to take BeBe (Ry's blanket). I'm not sure where this crazy imagination came from all of a sudden, but it is quite amusing.

Well, if there aren't any pirates, there must be dinosaurs!
Last night was all about dinosaurs. "Mama, there's a dinosaur out in the hall." "No Ryan, there's nothing there." "I think its a bad dinosaur. He wants my BeBe!" "No Ryan, if there was a bad dinosaur out there, Daddy would have stopped him from getting to us. There's no need to worry." "Well, there's a good dinosaur out there then." "Well, if there is a good dinosaur out there, then he's BEING good and sleeping like you should be doing." "Otay Mama."

Love this kid.

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