just for rhonda

Okay, not JUST for Rhonda, but she is the most recent person to complain about the lack of photos on the blog. :-) And it IS her birthday after all, so who am I to deny a request like that?

Ryan's Halloween party yesterday seems to have been a success! I hope everyone had a great time. I haven't actually downloaded my own photos yet, but here are some I snagged from Erika this morning. :-)

Ryan is dressing up as a pirate this year. The hat didn't stay on long, but he is really digging the eye patch, which I was sure he would hate. Here he is playing with one of his girlfriends (all three were at his party, can you believe it?). :-)

Pin the nose on the pumpkin. Yea to Isaac for winning (and actually agreeing to be blind-folded and play correctly!). ;-)

A group shot - not sure what everyone was looking at!

The standard open-mouthed-why-are-you-taking-my-picture look.

Decorating felt jack-o-lantern magnets.

We ended up with some wonderful weather, so the kids were able to burn off some of the sugar out in the back yard. Ryan skipped his nap that day and I'm not sure about all of the other kiddos, but he was crashed hard by 8pm. :-) Looking forward to trick-or-treating on Friday!



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