ryan knows karate - and there are pirates and dinosaurs in our house?!?

Ryan knows karate!
Well, according to the other kids at his baby-sitter's he does. If you've ever seen Ry kick a ball, you know he has a very tight, fast, stiff kick. I guess he was doing that in Mary's back yard the other day, and all of the kids started yelling, "Look! Ryan knows karate!" They were so impressed. ;-)

There's a pirate knocking on the door.
Last Friday I was trying to get Ryan to go to sleep and we had about a 30-minute conversation about whether or not there was a pirate knocking on the door, if he was a good pirate, or if he was a bad pirate who was there to take BeBe (Ry's blanket). I'm not sure where this crazy imagination came from all of a sudden, but it is quite amusing.

Well, if there aren't any pirates, there must be dinosaurs!
Last night was all about dinosaurs. "Mama, there's a dinosaur out in the hall." "No Ryan, there's nothing there." "I think its a bad dinosaur. He wants my BeBe!" "No Ryan, if there was a bad dinosaur out there, Daddy would have stopped him from getting to us. There's no need to worry." "Well, there's a good dinosaur out there then." "Well, if there is a good dinosaur out there, then he's BEING good and sleeping like you should be doing." "Otay Mama."

Love this kid.


Jenni said...

Children's imaginations are fascinating!

We'll have to have another play date so Ryan can show off his mad karate skills.

And let me know if you get around to the other pictures from our last trip to the park!


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