damn "bee movie"

for making my kiddo think bees are friendly and fun!

Ryan and I were over at one of the local elementary schools playing on the playground, when we noticed a baseball game going on at the diamonds next door. We walked over to watch a few innings, and Ryan got stung by a bee - inside his ear! Ouch! Never seen my boy quite so freaked out as he was then. He cried for most of the rest of the afternoon, took a brief nap on Dada's lap, and was whiny for the rest of the night. I did get him to eat an apple and a banana, and he went to the grocery store with Tony to get dog food. We played blocks, and that kept his mind of the pain. He woke up several times last night scratching at his ear, but some Motrin and more calamine helped. This morning he woke up and said, "Mama, my ear no hurt anymore." Thank goodness! We took some supplies to Mary's house just in case....



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