look out magic kingdom...

here comes Ryan! :-) We're very excited about including a brief visit to Disney World as part of our 3-day weekend in Florida next month! Ryan can't wait to get his own "Me Mouse" ears - these are dada's.


dinner with nana

Ryan and I have started a new tradition - every Friday while Tony is playing poker with the boys, we meet my mom/Nana for dinner! We started out with the intention of going someplace different each week, but Ryan loves Pizza King so much that now we go there every time! Here are a few pics from one of our recent trips - Papaw was able to join us this time!

Pic 1: Amazed that the train actually brought us our drinks!

Pic 2: Being silly.

Pic 3: Giggling at something Papaw did/said.

Pic 4: Kisses for Nana.
Frame courtesy of Andrea Victoria, www.designerdigitals.com


hey ryan, where's your...?

(click for larger view)

a peek at ryan's day

The director at Ryan's daycare surprised me a few weeks ago by sending me these shots from his classroom! Kind of neat to see him "in action." :-)

Not sure who this little girl is, but she sure is cute! I blurred her face to protect her privacy, so you'll just have to trust me on her cuteness.

This one was from their class Christmas party...sitting next to the same little girl! Guess Ry thinks she's cute, too! ;-) Love the cookie on his face. He's such a messy eater!


new pics from new camera

Here they are - new pics from my new camera. I'm so excited! Now I'm wishing my PhotoShop skills were better...one thing at a time, right? :-)

First, how Ryan likes to watch "Little Einsteins" every evening (yes, EVERY evening).

Showing me his foot.

"I like jumping off of my stool."

"I like stickers and I like to put them on my head. Especially if they are elephants."

"Aren't I charming?" :-)


Win a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer Contest

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good news...

Play Doh washes out of clothing. :-)

Oh, and I finally got a new digital camera. I'm so excited. As soon as I get a new card reader, I'll have lots of awesome pics to share. This camera has zero delay/lag time, so I have yet to miss any shots that I wanted to capture! Very important with an almost-two-year-old running around 24/7!



Ryan went to his first wedding back in September (I think...I can't remember any other weddings in the past 2 years? Technically he was in my belly during Jack & Jen's, but we didn't know it yet.) - the wedding of my good friend Stephanie to her Irish hunk Louis. Ry got a little antsy during the full-Mass ceremony (at the GORGEOUS Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral) and I ended up holding him most of the time instead of snapping pics like I had planned. Luckily, their photographer captured this adorable picture of him looking over my shoulder. What a surprise to see that in Steph's wedding proof gallery! Special thanks to the photographer for the friendly cropping...no Mama butt in the picture - whew!

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