singing time with ryan - "good ol' boys"

sorry about the long ending...stop button wouldn't work! :-)


getting ready for 2009 craft fairs!

hey everyone - long time no blog again! :-) my mom and i are getting ready for this year's round of craft fairs...i hope you will come visit us again! we'll have our custom photo holiday cards, crayon rolls, camera straps, baby stuff, and coffee cozies of course, but this year we are also adding MORE fun stuff! come check out our new clothing and accessories for your little girls, magic wands, and jars of fun!

you can find us at the St. Malachy Christmas Bazaar on November 7! See you there!


long time no blog!

Let's see...at 3 years old Ryan is 38 inches tall and 34 pounds. He is playing soccer this spring and loving it. First game is this Saturday and we're so excited to see how it goes! First team picture is this weekend, too. This weekend was spent purchasing and building Ryan's new swing set! The boy is in heaven!! Looking forward to a relaxing Mother's Day weekend.


more pics

So, I'm not doing very well on my photo a day, and it is only January! I have a long 11 more months to go...we'll see. But here are a few recent faves.

We got snowed in on January 28! 12.5" of snow - wow! Ryan had to walk out to make sure his sand box was okay. ;-)

Helping daddy shovel out the dogs.

First meal on the new stove - the infamous "chicken meal!"

Oh, and cupcakes, of course.

Fun in the DinoSphere at the Children's Museum!

Checking out the trains.

Ry refused to meet Batman, but I snuck a cool pic!

Loving the bulldozer.

We can't wait to go back soon to check out the Legos exhibit that opened today!


wow, i used to have really long hair

I'm not claiming these pictures are GOOD pictures of me, but man I miss my hair. This is what I am trying to get back to (only with my college body, too). And the next time you hear me say I'm thinking of going chin length again, SOMEBODY PLEASE STOP ME!

frosty the snowman!


raffle for a good cause

Need a new camera, camera bag, or camera strap, and have an extra $5 floating around? If so, you will definitely want to check out this post. You can also check it out if you are just a nice person and want to help a family finance the adoption of a little baby. :-)


a few new pics

My sister-in-law Jacqueline sent me some pictures she had taken during the Keen Family Christmas and this past weekend bowling for our niece Amy's birthday. Since I've been slacking on the Project 365 photos (thanks for pointing that out, Rhonda! :-)), I thought I would share these instead! (Jacq - I edited them in photoshop to brighten them up a bit - let me know if you want me to send the edited versions back to you!)

At Scott & Stacie's house Christmas Eve...I'm going to guess I was about to give him a kiss. ;-)

Bowling for Amy's b-day. This was Ryan's 3rd time bowling...he lost interest after the first game when he discovered the game room that is reminiscent of a ghetto Chuck E. Cheese's. $15 later we had a light up rubber dice set and a Patrick bouncy ball.


project 365

While waiting for my kit to arrive, I thought I would go ahead and post the pictures I've taken so far so I don't forget the stories that go with them.

December 28, 2008
Tony's Uncle Dennis was unable to attend the Colts vs. Titans game and offered us his tickets! Jenni was kid-free for the weekend, so I asked her to go with me. Although many key players only started the game, we still had a great time cheering on our team to a 23-0 victory! This was my second time at the new Lucas Oil Stadium, but my first Colts game there.

December 29, 2008
A new favorite game to play in our house is fort-building with couch cushions, pillows, and a blanket.

December 30, 2008
Since I was home with Ryan during the holidays, I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity for some hard-core potty-training. We started out with his favorite pair of undies - Thomas, of course - and went through 3 more pairs today. The boy has little to no interest in stopping his play time to run to the bathroom, but I still have hope. I finally put a vinyl tablecloth down to try to save my floors!

December 31, 2008
After fighting me for over an hour, Ryan finally passed out on the couch watching Caillou. We had plans to be up late for a New Year's Eve party at the Russell's, so a nap was extra important today!

January 1, 2009
With Tony hungover and puking all morning, Ryan and I decided to distract ourselves by making bagel pizzas for lunch! I'm surprised any of the pepperoni actually made it onto the pizzas as fast as Ryan was eating them out of the package!

January 2, 2009
After a quick shopping trip to Meijer, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and some play time. Such a nice surprise to run into Georgia, a super-cute friend from daycare! Ryan and Georgia played hide-and-seek for quite some time before I could finally tear him away to head home.

January 3, 2009
This never fails to crack up both Ryan and me. Tony hides behind a wall and holds Ryan up horizontally so it looks like he is peeking around the corner - they always start up high by the ceiling, then work their way down to the floor.

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