a few new pics

My sister-in-law Jacqueline sent me some pictures she had taken during the Keen Family Christmas and this past weekend bowling for our niece Amy's birthday. Since I've been slacking on the Project 365 photos (thanks for pointing that out, Rhonda! :-)), I thought I would share these instead! (Jacq - I edited them in photoshop to brighten them up a bit - let me know if you want me to send the edited versions back to you!)

At Scott & Stacie's house Christmas Eve...I'm going to guess I was about to give him a kiss. ;-)

Bowling for Amy's b-day. This was Ryan's 3rd time bowling...he lost interest after the first game when he discovered the game room that is reminiscent of a ghetto Chuck E. Cheese's. $15 later we had a light up rubber dice set and a Patrick bouncy ball.



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