more pics

So, I'm not doing very well on my photo a day, and it is only January! I have a long 11 more months to go...we'll see. But here are a few recent faves.

We got snowed in on January 28! 12.5" of snow - wow! Ryan had to walk out to make sure his sand box was okay. ;-)

Helping daddy shovel out the dogs.

First meal on the new stove - the infamous "chicken meal!"

Oh, and cupcakes, of course.

Fun in the DinoSphere at the Children's Museum!

Checking out the trains.

Ry refused to meet Batman, but I snuck a cool pic!

Loving the bulldozer.

We can't wait to go back soon to check out the Legos exhibit that opened today!


Jenni said...

The stove looks great! Does this mean that you'll be doing more cooking? ;-)


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