happy halloween

How did I start out this fun day? With a $150 speeding ticket. Just what we need right now! Sigh. Anyway, Happy Halloween from my little pirate. These are the little stickers I made to seal up his goody bags at daycare.

I'll try to post some more pictures from the Halloween party later today - just got a bunch from my mom that I need to check out. And we're having an official photoshoot on Sunday with the fabulous Miss Lindsay, so hopefully next week I'll have more shares!

Do you love quilts? You've got to check out this post at JC handmade. I wish I had the patience and skill for quilting - I had great plans to make a quilt for Ryan's bed last year at Christmas time, and have since cut up all of the fabric I purchased to make camera straps instead. :-) But if I win the contest, I would love to have a fun quilt in orange, blue, and green. Ah. So go enter, and maybe if you win you will give the quilt to me to cheer me up about my speeding ticket?? :-)



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