photos, photos, photos

Ryan and I got together with 5/6 of the Russell clan to make some spooky treats for Halloween - cookie baking and pretzel-hug making fun!

Leah and Kaden's Papaw stopped by, and he and Leah busted a few moves to some NKOTB!

Then on to trick-or-treating the next day! Here's my little pirate before we headed over to our first neighbor's house - where the crying ensued until it was time to move on to the next house. :-) At our third neighbor's house, they came out with a bowl of candy for Ryan to choose his own piece...he grabbed the whole bowl and yelled, "Thank you!" ;-)

And then on Sunday we met up with the Russels again, along with Lindsay, for a fun photoshoot at IMA! I think Ryan and I will be heading back there again very soon! Here's one shot I got before my camera battery died...I'll post more when I get my proofs from Linds!

There was a really fun new sculpture from Robert Indiana that was a bunch of brightly-colored numbers - I think we'll be heading back when its time for Ryan's b-day to get his picture next to the 3! :-) I'm really hoping the one of Ry giving me a kiss in front of the LOVE sculpture turns out - if so, it's going to be a Christmas gift for Tony! Shh....



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