a tale of three pees

Came home last night to quite a sight. Ryan was buck naked on the changing table, the pile of clean clothes next to the changing table was wet, and Tony was holding wipes and diapers and I heard "Oh no!" coming from our bedroom. Apparently, daddy got peed on. Not just once, but three times. He was changing Ryan's diaper, and pee 1 happened, getting Ryan's outfit wet. Off came the outfit. Diaper was not yet put back on. In the process of removing the outfit, pee 2 happened, soaking the pile of clean clothes. Yet the diaper was still not put back on. This is when I walked in. A wipe had been placed over his boy parts, but since wipes are already wet, they aren't very absorbant. In the midst of pee 3, Tony removed the wipe, not knowing pee 3 was happening, and the changing pad and carpet then got wet. Needless to say, we did some major cleaning and Ryan got put right into the tub. I think daddy finally learned to listen to mama when she says to always keep him covered! :-) Posted by Picasa



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