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I'm a bad blogger. I get mad when I visit blogs that haven't been updated, yet I leave mine neglected for weeks at a time. It's just hard to find time to download pics from the camera, edit them, upload them, and then try to be funny and witty. :-)

Anyway...lots of updates. Possibly not in chronological order, but I'll do my best.

July 1: Ryan becomes Catholic! Even though his mama isn't, Tony asked if Ryan could be baptized at St. Malachy and I agreed. Thanks to Jenni and Jason for agreeing to be Godparents!

Not the best pic, but the best one that was on my camera. People were supposed to be sending me the pics they took that day, but I haven't gotten any yet. Ahem! :-)

Crazy picture, this next one, but check out those eyes! So glad Ryan's eyes seem to be staying blue! Most pics I have of them, he has red eye, so I was SO excited to see this one. Even though he looks like one of those scary dogs on the greeting cards that have the huge heads and little bodies.

Rolling, rolling, rolling... yup. We had done it once or twice before, but now we can officially classify Ryan as a roller. Um, yeah. He was on his back when I went to use the bathroom. Guess the bed is no longer a safe haven!

First trip to the zoo. We went with Jenni, Leah, Kaden (Ryan's best friend), Jon, Angie, Isaac, and Rose (Ryan's girl friend). Ryan liked the elephants and this is us on the train.

And last but not least...drumroll please...we're eating solids. We started rice cereal at 4 months, and have now added bananas (picture 1) and green beans (picture 2) to our menu. Bananas were a huge hit, green beans seem to be tolerable (not as yummy, but more fun). :-)

Okay, Ryan is getting too wiggly for any more one-handed typing. Ta ta for now.


Anonymous said...

Bad thing is he poops the color he eats! LOL!!!! Hey, I think I took that pic with your camera and it looks good to me.
Love ya all
Mom & Nana


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