Sorry to have been MIA! Life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes (and I'm out of the habit of doing this!). Not much new in our world...man, is it hot this week! Tony and Ryan have been playing in the pool and the sprinkler every afternoon before I get home, and Ryan loves running around in just a diaper!

I lost my Blackberry last week at the Nora Target, in case anyone finds it. :-( I miss it a lot.

I bought a purse! I know this is nothing special to most women, but I stopped carrying a purse several years ago. I have a little wallet keychain thing from Coach that I regularly use, but in the last few weeks have found myself wishing I had a purse to hold all of my stuff. So I got one.

Ryan went to his first concert last Tuesday! Dave and Rae played a free concert at one of the local parks, so we had a picnic dinner with our friends Jenni, Leah, Kaden, Hannah, and Cody! It was a lot of fun, and we could still hear the music while the kids played on the playground! Excellent! But I forgot to take my camera with us. :-(

Speaking of Jenni, here are some pictures she recently gave me of one of our playdates! I think Ryan spent most of his time eyeing whatever Leah and Kaden were playing with! :-)


Jenni said...

Oh my goodness! Look how small they were! I can't believe how quickly our boys are growing ....


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