and again!

Last night before getting into the bathtub, I stripped Ryan down and put him on his little potty. He freaked out and stood up immediately, and then ran out of the bathroom (stupid me for not shutting the door). I yell to Tony that there is a naked baby on the loose, so we're running around trying to catch him before he pees everywhere. We made it back to the bathroom, and Ryan lifted the lid on the big toilet...so we put him on it and he peed! Such a good boy! We, of course, made a huge deal out of it and danced around to celebrate. My boy is getting so big!

This weekend we have plans to go to Beasley's Orchard, now that Fall weather has finally arrived! I can't wait! Ryan had a blast sitting with the pumpkins last year...I can't wait to see how much fun he has actually running around and picking out his own pumpkin this year! I hope he likes apple cider as much as I do (are toddlers even allowed to drink cider? I know I couldn't when I was pregnant...).

No new news about Dad. They are still trying to find another hospital to transfer him to...are there really that many people with heart problems in Florida that they can't find ONE SINGLE BED???? I told him he needs to come up here for treatment anyway, but he didn't seem too excited about that idea. ;-)

Car shopping tonight after work...not sure what I want and I have a feeling we'll just end up fixing the Escape. But it's fun to look and dream at least!



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