We had a great time on Thursday meeting up with the Russells for some canal walking fun! Ry had only been to the canal once before, and that was over a year ago with Uncle Tom and Papaw, and I wore him in my Babyhawk the whole time since he was barely walking. So this was quite an adventure for him! Check out Jenni's blog, too, for some more pictures!

Best buds checking out the water.

"Mama, I running!"

Still amazed we got all 5 of them to sit still for some pics...I'll follow Jenni's lead and post the progression. Not sure what came over Ryan! :-)

Ahh..young love. What 2.5-year-old gets a girlfriend this hot?! :-) Little brother is standing nearby to protect his big sister - love it!

Leah and Kaden jumping like frogs (poor Kaden took a nose dive). :-(

What? Is that a genuine smile while looking at the camera? Unheard of!

Lovely Leah in the flowers.

And some action shots! I've GOT to remember to switch to the action setting on my camera!


Jenni said...

We had a blast. Thanks for sharing your pictures from the evening! Is it a date for this Thursday?


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