swishing (or why best friends make the best Godmothers)

As someone who has known me since 7th grade, Jenni knew me before braces, during braces, and after braces. She became accustomed to my flashing an oddly huge grin at her after meals, and knew to give me a nod or a head shake. You see, I was paranoid about having food trapped in my teeth/braces. And people just don't tell you when there is something there! Wouldn't they much rather know than have people stare? I know I would! So I relied on my family and my best friend to help me out when a mirror wasn't available.

This has now trickled down to my son. One Saturday when we met Jenni, Leah, and Kaden for bagels, Ryan decided he would rather have a chocolate muffin. Needless to say, there was lots of chocolate stuck in his teeth! We both laughed when he smiled at us, and Jenni suggested he swish his milk around a little bit to help clear things out. This suggestion has since led to swishing each sip of any drink he has, much to my amusement. Some day I suppose I'll need to make him stop, but for now, I'm just enjoying it. And that is why best friends make the best Godmothers. :-) Enjoy!


Jenni said...

I love it! I'll admit to some slight guilt over the way this mushroomed, but at least you don't have to worry about the other kids pointing at him because he's got food in his teeth :-)

Anonymous said...

I fully expected to see him hurl the contents of his mouth during that clip. (Now I don't care who you are; that's funny.)

Jennie said...

Luckily he only spurts it out on occasion, and then it is usually just a dribble down his chin. :-)


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