6 week milestones

Gosh, it's been awhile since I've posted! I can hardly believe that Ryan is 6 weeks old already (well, 6 weeks and 1 day, actually...)! He's getting so big! Here are some of his milestones:

  • still loves his hands and must have them out of the blanket and near his face at all times
  • is eating 3 ounces every 3-4 hours
  • still hates to burp and rarely does
  • still has nasty-smelling gas, but only poos every 2 days
  • sleeps like his mama (at least one hand thrown over his head)
  • smiles in recognition of mama or daddy's voices
  • only cries when he's hungry (so far, knock on wood)
  • is pretty good about sleeping, although he's spoiled and will only sleep in the swing wendy bought him...so we carry it back and forth between the family room and our bedroom each morning and evening. he refuses the bassinet now, unless it's just for a nap in daddy's office
  • loves bright colors and lights
  • loves to be read to (current favorite book is "does a kangaroo have a mother, too?")
  • is starting to venture out for brief outings, but still not in overly crowded/public places
  • has outgrown his preemie clothes and is wearing newborn sizes now (although we have to roll the sleeves up a little...)
  • eyes are still blue, but have lightened a bit
  • has more nicknames than I can keep up with (peanut, peenie-weenie, peanut butter, panini, ryno, rye...just to name a few)
  • holds his head up for several seconds at a time
  • likes to pretend he's holding his own bottle (always puts his hands on both sides of it while he's eating...too cute!)

Yup...he was ready for some lunch and mama insisted on a diaper change first. :-)



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