so in love

It's so amazing to be a mom. I still can't believe that I am one! And I knew that I would love this little guy a ton, but I didn't realize how much. I also didn't realize how much more it would make me love Tony...knowing that we share something so special. We've had several really great conversations while staring at Ryan since he's been home, and we're both just amazing at how much having the little guy at home makes everything better...our relationship, our general outlook on life...everything.

Favorite recent picture:


I wonder what he was pondering? The kiddo just loves having his hands up by his face. I can't wait until his body temperature REALLY stabilizes...I have a ton of 8x10 frames just waiting for baby body part pictures...but I feel bad stripping the little guy down knowing he'll be getting cold pretty quickly. But soon. Soon the kiddo won't have any problems...he just needs a little more body fat.



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