Take a look at the lovely flowers that Rug Doctor sent to me at the hospital! I haven't even had the chance to meet most of the employees there, but they were still thoughtful enough to send me a cheer-up gift! So sweet!



Gotta love that my curious kitty (Crosby) couldn't leave the flowers alone long enough for me to get a picture! :-)

So, for those I haven't had a chance to update yet, I went to the doctor Tuesday morning for the first of my twice-weekly visits and had a blood pressure of 160/110. Needless to say, I was admitted to the hospital again. This time I was put on blood pressure medication, which seems to be working fantastically (knock on wood). My protein levels came back normal and my liver function looks good, so I got to come home Wednesday night. They did go ahead and give me the 2 steroid shots in case we do have to deliver early. Still holding out for at least 34 weeks, and hopefully full term.

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and positive thoughts! Since I'm on strict bed rest, I'm trying not to stay on the computer for very long each day, since we don't have a laptop and I have to sit at a desk to use the one in Tony's office.



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