bed rest

You probably won't see many posts from me here for awhile. I've been put on strict bed rest for possible pre-eclampsia. It sounded serious when my doctor was telling me about it, but I didn't realize how serious until I spoke to one of my best friends last night (angie, also a doctor). She actually "gave it to me straight," so I realized just how important it is to stay in bed. Before, I had been getting up to get snacks and drinks or just because I was bored. No more.

Keep us in your thoughts! We go in for our nonstress test this afternoon. My doctor is hoping to avoid delivery for at least 2 more weeks, but delivery is the only cure so that will only work if my blood pressure stays down and my liver and kidneys stay healthy.


Tania said...


I really, really miss you but I hope you get better, I think about you guys and pray for you every day! Saturday night I went to Babies R Us and looked at all sorts of adorable things for baby Keen. Take care of yourself- yes, it is serious and I want you both to be healthy! Love you! Tania


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