gettin' edjumacated

Wow. Double wow. We attended our birthing "crash course" class last night. Oh my gosh. It's a good thing you don't see those videos BEFORE you get pregnant! I'm sure not looking forward to actually giving birth after last night! I guess it's good to know what is coming, but oh my gosh.

I was really glad they went through the stages of labor and let us know when to call the doctor and when to go to the hospital. I was wondering about that...not know what contractions feel like. I'm also paranoid about my water breaking while I'm at work, so I was relieved to hear that only about 20% of women actually have their water break on their own.

At the end of the class we got to take a tour of the hospital...they let us know where to go when we come in to deliver and showed us the rooms and where the nurseries are. They also went through their security process, which seems really great. The labor and delivery suite is very nice, and the recovery room you go to for the rest of your stay was okay. I like the idea of the pull-out couch, and they promised that if I end up trying to nurse and our baby is in the nursery during the night and gets hungry, they will wheel him down to me and wake me up, rather than give him a bottle. That was good to hear, too! Oh, and they have 24-hour room service and refrigerators in each room. :-)



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