back to work

Ugh. Going back to work after a week off is always so difficult to do...especially when Tony has the day off! I'm used to him waking me up to tell me good-bye at 5:30, and then I know I have another 30 minutes left to sleep before I have to get up. But when I'm the first one to get up...well, we'll just say it isn't pretty. :-)

Had my 28-week appointment with Dr. Bolin on Friday. I'm measuring 28 centimeters and have gained 16 pounds, which she said is right on track. She said from now on I should be gaining 1 pound/week...yikes! I had my glucola test on Friday as well...if I passed, I won't hear anything from them. But if I failed, they will call me today and we'll schedule the fun 3-hour re-test. Keep your fingers crossed that I get no phone call!

Since Tony is off today, he's going to finish painting the nursery. I can't wait to go home and see it! We had to buy more paint yesterday...the ceiling really soaked it up! We just need another coat on the ceiling and then we need to paint the inside of the closet. There is an end in sight! I'll post better pictures once it's finished and the furniture is put back in it's place.



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