he's two!

Okay, so he's been 2 for awhile now, but he just had his 2-year well child visit, so this is when you get the update! :-)

At 2, Ryan weighs 28 lbs, 7.5 oz; is 34.75 inches tall; and has a head circumference of 49.5 cm. His favorite phrases are "thank you mama," "there it is," "how are you," "no no," and anything that ends in a k sound (truck, black, pink). He loves jumping...especially off of the couch. He still loves books and crayons and puzzles and chasing Bobby and Bup around (don't ask me how in the world Crosby and Satchmo evolved into Bobby and Bup!). :-) He loves his play kitchen and helping mama cook, anything choo choo, and anything that teaches him something...the boy is a sponge! He can count to 9 if he's watching a certain episode of "Little Einsteins" where they count the planets, and on his own can count to 4. He loved swimming in Florida, so we're looking into swim lessons this summer (Jen...where did you find the info about the class in Plainfield? Their website says it ends in March...is another one starting up after that?). We're working on potty training...he'll go #1 anytime we sit him on the toilet, but has only gone #2 one time (and he still doesn't tell us when he's going/gone #2). I think we're going to pick a weekend and just wear big boy underwear all weekend and see how it goes. Don't want to rush it, but I'm pretty over diapers. ;-) Here are a few more pics...we celebrated Ryan's actual birthday at Pizza King (his favorite place) with Dada and Nana, and then had the big party 2 days later at Chuck E. Cheese (what a nightmare! But I think everyone had a good time...).


Jenni said...

I'm trying to figure out at what age Chuck E. Cheese becomes something awful. Maybe it's not about your age, but rather the time when you become responsible for another person (or 4 other persons). The kids all had a great time, and that's what it's all about.


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