busy weekend

What a busy weekend we had! It started out Friday night with me getting off work late (again!), and then meeting Nana and Ryan at Pizza King for dinner. Saturday morning Ryan and I did a maternity shoot for our friend Erika's twin sister Erin (due mid-April), came home, played around the house, and then...went to the circus! It was definitely too long of an event for a 2-year-old to sit through, so we left at intermission. Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast at our favorite morning place - FlapJacks. A quick stop at Wal-Mart and then home for lunch. At 1, we met up with Jenni and her crew for a puppet show! I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was really cute and Ryan loved it! We're planning to go back in April and take Nana with us! Sunday was unseasonably warm, so after the puppet show we ventured over to a nearby park and played on the jungle gym and walked the trails. Very good weekend! I have pictures to go with everything, but will have to post them later. Off to fold some laundry before Ryan's bedtime and time for one of my favorite shows!

If you're stopping by, please leave a comment! I'm very curious who my international visitors are! :-)


Jenni said...

Well, I'm not an international visitor, but I'll leave a comment anyway ;-)

Our gang really enjoyed making their own fish "puppets" to play with that evening - I've got all the supplies, so we'll put that on our list of fun activities for our next indoor play date.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie!

I enjoyed getting caught up on what has been going on in your world! Can't believe Ryan is 2!! It looks like you have been keeping very busy. Take Care-Diane


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