sneak peeks are up!

Check it out - the sneak peek of Dave & Jacqueline's wedding photos!


Chad was an AMAZING photographer - really laid back and cool, was more about telling the story of the day than making us do a million stiff poses. I've already recommended him to my friend Becky, getting married next April! I'll let you know when the slideshow is up - I think it will have all of the photos he took!

Not sure I could pick just one favorite, but I love the one with Jacq resting her head on Dave's chest, and he's kind of looking off. And of course, who doesn't love the one of Brad grabbing Gretchen's booty?? :-)


jacqueline said...

i think it was so cool how he captured everyones personality (brad and gretchen- love that one!) my favorite is the very last one where we have our eyes closed- and dang look at amy when she is getting her hair done-she looks so pretty almost like she is 18 years old! :)


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