a lovely day for a walk

We did it! Today turned out to be a gorgeous day, and Jenni and her crew joined Ryan and me for the March for Babies at Hummel Park in Plainfield (my first time there, but it seems like a really nice park - we'll have to explore it some other time). We even had a picnic lunch bfeore the walk started. Thank you to Jenni for joining me, and to everyone who donated to a cause so dear to my heart.

Now that the weather is nice, we got out the golf set that Uncle Dave and Aunt Jacqueline got Ryan for Christmas! Ryan absolutely loves it! Thanks again, guys! Dave, you'll have to come give Ryan some pointers since his golfing Grandpa lives in Florida...he was learning from Tony, Chris, and Dickerson! :-)

And I'm not sure about this one - he's either starting to slowly turn into the Incredible Hulk, or he was outside playing in the back yard while Daddy was mowing yesterday...you make the call.


Jenni said...

Thanks again for inviting us along. You tolerated Leah's whining and carrying on quite well - lucky you will sleepy Ryan!

Let's set a date for snow cones - our schedule's pretty open this week ....

Jenni said...

Ok, that's what I get for not previewing my comment first - I don't catch my typos!

jacqueline said...

oh my goodness he is good! i cant even hit the golf ball when i swing haha! i sent dave the link to the site im sure he will have the biggest smile on his face when he sees it


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