the weekend - finally!

Okay, so its Thursday and I'm just now posting about the weekend - it could be worse, right? I didn't want to post until I had pics ready, and I just pulled them off the camera this morning.

Friday ended with dinner at Nana's (Chicago's Pizza - took 90 minutes and then the order was wrong! Grr.)...where we got to meet Nana's new puppy, Tillie Mae!

Here Ryan is telling Tillie to look at the camera - too bad he rarely does when I tell HIM that! :-)

Here they are wrestling over the soccer ball.

Okay, this is not posed, I swear! And I'm totally getting one of these for my house (kidding!) because Ry just crawled right in and stayed for like 10 minutes!

Saturday morning we did some garage sale-ing with Sandy, then home for lunch and a nap. Tony and I went to a party that night for Erika and Erin's (twins) 30th birthday, and Ryan spent the night at Sandy's for the first time.

Sunday we headed to the zoo for some shark-petting, giraffe-feeding, choo-choo-riding fun. Here we are waiting in line for the giraffe feeding. There was a very, um, frisky male that day attacking all of the ladies! They just kept running from him - ha!

Who needs the stroller when Dada is around?

Ahh...the choo choo. I hate this thing. It used to be cool because it took you all around the actual zoo. Now you get to go "behind the scenes" and see the...are you ready for this...maintenance facility! Whoo-hoo! Oh well, the kid loves trains, so what can you do?

This weekend calls for a possible day off tomorrow, and dinner with Nana at Los Toros tomorrow night, family pictures at Portrait Innovations on Saturday morning, a hog roast at Bob and Addie's Saturday night, and Mother's Day activities on Sunday. Hope all you moms out there have a fabulous day on Sunday!


Jenni said...

Looks like a great weekend! I hope this one is as much fun for you. Can't wait to see your family portraits ....

Happy Mother's Day!


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