it's huge!

We got a new bed last night! I'm so excited! We upgraded to a king-size, which I got to pick out, and we all slept soooo well last night. None of us wanted to get up this morning! I had to quickly find some new bedding during lunch yesterday - not a decision I like to make spur of the moment, but I think I can live with this set. I can't believe how much more expensive king-size bedding is! Now to find some fun queen-size bedding for Ry's new bed (he gets our old one). I can't believe how big our old bed looks in his room! And I can't believe how small our room looks with a king-size bed in it! But I don't care - its not like we do anything in there besides sleep and sort laundry.

Will try to post some pics this weekend - have lots of cute ones to share! Ryan has been going through a nudist phase this week...as soon as we get home, he beelines to the backdoor while taking off his clothes, anxious to get in the pool. No time for swim trunks, mom! :-) And I don't think I ever posted any pics of our experience with the frog last weekend....

Happy Father's Day to all of the daddy's out there (although I'm not sure any actually read my blog, except maybe my brother)! :-)


Anonymous said...

Well, here's one dad reading your posts :).

It was great to run into you Jennie! Keep in touch.



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