photo catch-up

Blogger hates me today and gave me errors on many of the photos I tried to upload. Oh well...here are a few for those who have been hounding me. :-)

On June 8th, Tony volunteered at the Eagle Creek Kids Fishing Derby. He does this every year, although this is the first time that Ryan and I have tagged along. We were excited to be joined by Angie and Isaac, too!

Apparently not all little boys have the "I love to play with worms" gene...sorry Isaac!

On the 14th, we headed over to Arbuckle Acres for the annual duck race, which had been rained out on May 31st. It was kind of lame, but Ryan got another pony ride. I was so proud of him for not freaking out when the pony stopped halfway through to pee!

Since the duck race events were not very entertaining, we squeezed in some playground time before heading home.

On Friday, I scored at a garage sale and got a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and Tough Tire Trike for $12 total! We got out a bucket to wash them down on Saturday, and Ryan decided that Tony's truck could use a little washing, too.

The boys hit 7-11 while I was grocery shopping Saturday night - love the red slushy tongue!

Ryan and I also checked out the aquatic center in Danville Friday afternoon - we had a blast! It wasn't quite as hot as it has been recently, so there was definitely some shivering going on. Planning to check out the ones in Plainfield and Mooresville sometime soon, too. What is up with Brownsburg that we have nothing like this???

On Sunday we got to help sweet Miss Ani celebrate her 1st birthday! We had a blast visiting with friends, and Ryan really liked the cake! :-) Happy Birthday, Ani!


Anonymous said...

I mailed your BTRS swap package today! The postman said it should arrive on Wednesday the 9th.


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