Yup. My little peanut is tipping the scales at 13 pounds, 4 ounces, and is 23.5 inches long. Tony snuck him in for a quick weight check today, and Dr. Walters stopped by to peek at him. She said he was just perfect. But we already knew that, right? I had been worried because Ryan is going longer between some of his feedings, but doesn't always eat more to compensate. I needed the reassurance of the weight check, and now I feel much better. I could SEE that he was doing fine, but wanted to confirm it, you know?

Ryan and I met his future wife the other night...my friend Angie gave birth to a little girl: Rose Abigail. Congratulations! And if anyone finds a blue puppy bootie at University Hospital, give me a call. ;-)

Off to pump and order a pizza. Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh yeah, one more thing! SO EXCITED that the clothes I was wearing before I got pregnant are now loose on me! Yahoo! I LOVE nursing/pumping! :-)


Anonymous said...

Jennie --

Thanks for the updates! I love hearing about Ryan's progress. The pictures are amazing. He's so adorable!

I've taken a teaching position at Danville High School so I'll be back in Hendricks County by the middle of June. Hopefully we can get together and I can see this perfect boy in person!


Anonymous said...

This is your mother and I don't have copies of those 3 pics!!!! Enough said.
Tee hee hee
Love you all so much and so proud of Ryan's parents. They are very good parents.
Love ya


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