i'm it

  • What's in your fridge?

Not much. Lots of condiments, breast milk, cokes, 2% milk, various juices, probably some expired hamburger, bagged salad, pudding cups

  • What's in your purse?

Since I'm actually carrying a purse now that I'm back at work and can't keep the diaper bag with me, I just have my wallet, my keys, sunglasses, my phone, bc pills, and a spare pair of contacts

  • What I wear now

During the week: work clothes. Although, I'm pleased to say most of them are from before I got pregnant and they are big on me! During the weekend: jean capris, cute tops, flip-flops, and my sling.

  • What's on/in your DVR/DVD?

Watched "Brokeback Mountain" this weekend. And I have a Billy Blanks Tae Bo Total Fat Blaster DVD right now from Netflix.

  • What's in your car?

Too much crap. Tons of blankets, the car seat base, lots of Burger King bags (have been stopping there every morning after dropping of my handsome guy at his baby-sitter's), stroller, phone charger, travel bottle warmer, winter accident kit

Now tag, you're it. If you don't have a blog, post your answers in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

What's in your fridge?
Let's see. Lots of leftovers. Bleu Cheese and blackolives (Lucy's current favorites), a few cooked chicken breasts, and lots of salad dressings.
What's in your purse?
Well, until yesterday it was full. Day planner, wallet, keys, phone, small notepad, crayons for Lu, string che6e5se and fruit rollups. Since the strap on my summer purse broke yesterday I am purseless until I can find a suitable replacement.
What I wear now
Capris as often as possible. Have I mentioned how thrilled I am to not have to wear shorts? Flips go with everything

What's on/in your DVR/DVD?
Lady and the Tramp

What's in your car?
In my new car (Aunt Jul's Toyota Matrix): car survival tote, stroller, emergency snacks, and water.

Anonymous said...

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